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Decedant Study

At CSHA-2 and CSHA-3 we interviewed a close relative of study participants who had died. The purpose was to obtain information on the major study outcomes of date and cause of death, and institutional admission. Additional purposes included collecting information on the pattern of decline during the last three months of the person’s life, and information to permit estimation of their ante-mortem cognitive status.

The decedent questionnaire consisted of four parts:

1. A vital statistics section included date, cause and place of death;

2. The 14 OARS ADL and IADL questions, designed to indicate the subject's physical and mental ability to function three months prior to death;

3. A subset of 15 questions from the CAMDEX and the Present Functioning Questionnaire covered symptoms of dementia. These were used in an algorithm designed to estimate the likelihood that the person had dementia;

4. A residential history, to record whether the subject had been placed in an institution or had remained in the community.

In addition to the interview, the date and cause of death were obtained from the Registrar of Vital Statistics in each province, and the results are included in the data set, where the underlying, immediate and antecedent causes of death are coded according to the ICD-9.


Click here to download the decedent questionnaire (PDF format 108KB)Click here to download the decedent questionnaire (PDF format 108KB)

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